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  • COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A message from ASAP Tire

    • By choosing mobile installation, you can avoid leaving your home during the COVID-19 pandemic. And because ASAP Tire is considered an essential business, we can still perform tire services under each state's stay at home orders. We remain fully committed to continuing to provide the best possible service while keeping the health and well-being of our team members and our communities at the forefront.

      ASAP Tire's No-Contact Pledge

      • Employees will not work (except from home, if applicable) if they demonstrate any COVID-19 symptoms. They will not return to work until they meet all of the following criteria:
        • Seven days have passed since the date of their positive COVID-19 test or the onset of COVID-19 symptoms (if no testing was done)
        • Having had no fever during the last 72 hours without the use of fever reducing medication
        • Having had a complete resolution of COVID-19 respiratory symptoms
        • Having had a negative COVID-19 test, if possible to obtain the test
      • Tire technicians will wash or sanitize hands before and after each installation
      • Tire technicians will maintain 6' of separation with customers at all times
      • Tire technicians will use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, including masks and gloves
      • Tire technicians will avoid entering the customer's vehicle
      • If tire technicians must enter the customer's vehicle (e.g. for TPMS or air suspension), they will take the necessary precautions to prevent COVID-19 transmission
      • Tire technicians will avoid entering gas stations and restaurants
      • Customers should remain indoors during the installation. If necessary to come outside, maintain 6' of separation from tire technician
      • Customers should leave wheel lock key in a safe place where the technician can retrieve it and remotely unlock car doors
      • Tire technicians will not require customers to sign anything in person
      • If the customer wishes to inspect the work when complete, tire technician must maintain a safe distance from the vehicle/customer
      • Payment will be taken online or by phone
      • Invoices will be sent electronically

About Us

  • How does it work?

    Here's how it works

    ASAP Tire has taken the No-Contact Pledge so your tires can be installed safely and professionally. You won't have to do (or touch) a thing. It's the easiest way to get your tires installed.

    On the day of your appointment, one of ASAP Tire's specially equipped vans driven by a professional tire technician will bring the tires you ordered right to your home or office for installation.


  • How soon can I get an appointment?

    To see availability in your area, enter your ZIP Code using our scheduling tool.
  • What if I don't have new tires yet?

    Visit and use their helpful tools to select the tires that are right for you. When you complete your order you can choose ASAP Tire as your installer (based on your location).
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

    To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email or call 888-680-ASAP (2727).

Services Offered

  • Does ASAP Tire offer roadside assistance?

    ASAP Tire does not offer roadside assistance.
  • Does ASAP repair flat tires?

    ASAP Tire currently does not repair flat tires.
  • What types of vehicles can ASAP service?

    A large variety of passenger vehicles from small cars to 1-ton trucks can be serviced by ASAP Tire. Exceptions include dually trucks, tires with a 25-series and lower aspect ratio, tires with an overall diameter in excess of 35", and wheels larger than 22".
  • Can ASAP balance my tires?

    Yes. For the best possible balance, ASAP Tire technicians use state-of-the art Hunter SmartWeight wheel balancers designed to address the sources of vibration.


  • What does ASAP Tire charge for installation?

    You can expect to pay $30 per tire. Note, though, that there is a minimum installation charge of $60.
  • How does ASAP Tire's installation cost compare to other tire service centers?

    ASAP Tire offers competitive installation pricing when compared to any tire service center. Pricing is per tire with no additional fees charged.
  • Are there any additional fees?

    There is an additional $2.50 fee for tire disposal.
  • Is there a minimum charge?

    There is a minimum charge of $60 for service.
  • If I have a Tire & Wheel Package (four wheels with tires already mounted and balanced) what is your installation charge?

    Tire & Wheel Package installation consisting of four pre-mounted/balanced tires and wheels is $60.
  • What is your charge to have one pre-mounted tire installed?

    The installation of single, pre-mounted tires is $15 per tire. Note, though, that there is a minimum installation charge of $60.
  • What forms of payment are accepted?

    We accept all major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.
  • How do I get a quote?

    First, tell us your ZIP Code here. Then answer just a few more questions and we'll show you tire installation costs for your vehicle before any appointment is scheduled.
  • Will I be charged if I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

    Your credit card will not be charged if you cancel your appointment. Additionally, there are no extra fees charged to reschedule an appointment.

Quality Guarantee

  • What customer warranty does ASAP offer?

    ASAP Tire guarantees the safety and quality of all tire installations and services. If you have any concerns with how your tires were installed, ASAP Tire will offer free inspection and re-balancing up to 30 days after your original installation date.
  • What precautions are taken to ensure that my wheels aren't damaged?

    ASAP Tire technicians are trained professionals who take extra care with your vehicle and wheels. We complete a comprehensive 360-degree inspection of the vehicle for any previous damage, which is shared with each customer before installation begins. At the end of the installation, they will conduct an additional inspection to ensure that no damage has been done.


  • What steps do you take when installing my tires?

    ASAP Tire uses the R.I.S.T method as published by the Tire Industry Association (TIA). Remove debris from mating surfaces. Inspect components. Snug lug in a star pattern. Torque to spec. Once lugs are tightened by hand, a compact electric impact gun snugs the lugs in a star pattern to about 40-50 ft-lbs. With the vehicle partially supported, the lugs are torqued by hand using a torque wrench to prevent joint settling. Finally, with the vehicle on the ground, another torque check is performed with the torque wrench.
  • What is a wheel lock key?

    null If your vehicle was equipped with a wheel lock set from the factory or a wheel lock set was installed to protect your aftermarket wheels from theft, the wheel lock key is typically stored in either your glove box or trunk.
  • What are swollen lug nuts?

    null Laminated steel lug nuts (like chrome covered steel lug nuts) can delaminate, separate and create gaps due to moisture or temperature changes. When this happens, the nut will lose its shape and become very difficult to remove. You can test your lug nuts by placing your factory lug wrench on your lug/stud. If it's too tight, they cannot be removed and installation cannot be performed. You will need to have your service center replace the damaged hardware before scheduling installation.